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What is Code STEMI? Quick Heart Attack Response Could Save Your Life

By Jennifer Sellers During a heart attack, time loss is muscle loss, said Angela Solesbee, RN, CCCC, STEMI Coordinator for Mission Heart. Delayed treatment can increase damage to the heart muscle and also increase the risk of death. In the past, this was a particular danger for heart attack patients who live and work in […]

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Fun Twist for a Healthy Side Dish – Garlic Braised Kale with Toasted Farro

It’s easy to get in a rut, cooking the same handful of side dishes for dinner. Add a little variety to your healthy options with this tasty side dish. Garlic Braised Kale with Toasted Farro Ingredients 2¾ cups Farro, dry 1 qt Boiling water 2¾ cup Kale, fresh, chopped 2/3 cup Leeks, fresh, chopped 1 […]

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Helpful Healthcare Hints: Four Ways to Save Time and Money When You’re Sick

We’ve reached that time of the year when it’s like Halloween for germs, viruses, bugs and allergies to sneak up on every individual they can find and play their nasty tricks on your immune system. One minute you’re feeling great and the next minute you’re hoping for a visit from the Grim Reaper. Reaching that […]

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Health Benefits of Chocolate – What Is Flavanol, and How Does It Help Your Heart?

By Laura Tolle Registered Dietitian So, you want to give your Valentine some chocolate. Go ahead, but keep it on the healthier side. Is that possible? Yes, here’s the why and how. The cacao bean is actually rich in a type of plant nutrient called flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in a variety of fruits and […]

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Babies Can Get Cavities, Too? Yes, But It’s Avoidable

By Katherine Jowers, DDS Mission Children’s Hospital I was talking about my rough day at work with a friend. When I told her I had to remove teeth from a one-year-old child in the operating room, she was stunned. “You mean babies can get cavities?” Yes. Yes they can. I see it every day — […]

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