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Hand Pain 101 – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

By Sonya Clark, DO It could be argued that the hands are, perhaps, the extremity we take for granted the most. We use our hands in almost every physical activity, from driving to writing to eating. That’s why it’s important to understand some of the most common hand ailments and how they can be treated. […]

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The Next Big Step – Helping Children with Special Healthcare Needs Transition to Adulthood

By Jennifer Sellers Most parents start planning for a child to leave the nest around his or her junior year of high school. Their family becomes busy with activities like scouting colleges, applying for financial aid and securing temporary housing. But eventually, the adult child strikes out on his or her own, and the parents’ […]

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Angel Medical Center Announces Changes to OB/GYN Program

FRANKLIN, NC (April 25, 2017) – Angel Medical Center (AMC), a not-for-profit Critical Access Hospital located in Franklin, North Carolina, has announced plans to modify its OB/GYN program with the goal of sustaining women’s health services and hospital services in Macon County. AMC will discontinue labor and delivery services but will continue to provide pre- […]

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Concussions: Myth vs. Fact – Six Common Misconceptions About Prevention and Treatment

By Brent Fisher, MD As we enter warmer months and outdoor activities increase, risks of injuries and accidents related to sporting activities increases as well, including a likely increase in head injuries. And while football has been heavily scrutinized for the impact of head trauma, including concussions on current and former players over the last […]

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Podcast Now Available on iTunes – Subscribe to My Healthy Life

Because healthcare can be complex, we help break it down in 20 minutes or less. Subscribe to our podcast, My Healthy Life, now available on iTunes! Living a life you feel good about shouldn’t be something that constantly feels like a chore or challenge. But we know that it can be. So how can wellness […]

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